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Print Blazer

The Genteel brand was conceived in a bed of feathers and born into a world of colour. Proud, loud, glorious and beautiful, our brand is personified by the majestic peacock and all its captivating flamboyance. Each of its variegated colours adds to the vivid tapestry of our vision.

But the story of Genteel, is not just a story of colour, it is also a story of empowerment. Our aim is to enable men to re-identify with their rich cultural heritage by subtly infusing bold prints into the clothes we make. The purpose of this peacock-print is to tell a story of male-identity as has been passed down from generation to generation through our forefathers.

Having spent time to study the indelible influences that British assimilation has had on Kenyan identity, we felt the need to express the unique balance that seems to have been subtly hidden at the nexus of this two separate cultures during colonisation. By drawing our inspiration from our forefathers’ flamboyance and British conservatism we aim to showcase a fresh view of how African clothing should be presented.

Our legacy will be to leave an indelible mark of individualism and unapologetic male-expression through colour, print, culture and fashion.

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